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The COVID19 pandemic has changed the norm when it comes to schools and education, with shifts to hybrid and remote learning being increasingly adopted.

While hybrid models can offer their own multitude of benefits for students, such as higher flexibility and inclusion yet not compromising on quality of education, there are many other advantages to embracing digital transformations in the education system. Location no longer needs to be a limiting factor preventing access to education, and lack of local expertise similarly can be combatted through digital teaching. 

Focal points for Online Learning

Education at its core is and industry centered around student experience, and enhancing this to the fullest. COVID19 and disrupting apps have catalyzed changes to education, arguably for the better, and these can be followed up with: 

Focal points for Online Learning

Digital solutions help reduce the small administrative tasks that take us more time than necessary. In this way, there is more time and resources to better engage with and provide for students. Similarly, tasks which previously would have been completely infeasible, such as personalized tracking and goal creations, can now be facilitated by AI, coaching, and digital applications testing individual strengths. There is no doubt that digital transformations can have a hugely significant and positive impact on education, revolutionizing each child’s individual experience so that they can truly maximize their potential, without straining parental and teacher resources. 

Providing for the Next Generation of Digital Education

With increasingly advanced technology, we have the opportunity to better facilitate our youth’s learning. Higher engagement, accessibility, interactive learning and also customized learning will yield better results within our academic institutions compared to the status quo, where every individual faces countless limitations with regards to education. In so many ways, continued digital transformation in education is therefore crucial. 

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