Retail and E-Commerce

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Retail and E-Commerce

Engage with tech-savvy consumers and stay ahead of the competition to deliver extraordinary shopping experiences.

The high streets look radically different compared to pre-COVID times, and as physical stores took a hit, consumer habits have changed. That’s why digital transformation in the retail industry is of utmost importance if physical shopping is to survive.

While many might associate digital transformation with automation, AI may actually prove to be the biggest game changer in the retail industry. This, combined with increased data analytics, will allow companies to give consumers more exciting – even extraordinary – shopping experiences, worth leaving the comfort of their homes and phones for. While online shopping is ever present in today’s world, and will only continue to grow, those who have already mastered their online presence can attempt the come back of in-store shopping to boost revenues. 

Artificial Intelligence and Physical Shopping

At this point in the retail industry, it can be fairly safely assumed that you have some form of online retail on offer for your customers, and thus the next stage of the digital revolution is combining the online and physical experience for the best of both worlds. For example: 

While physical shopping may have suffered tremendously in the face of multiple lockdowns, there is no reason it can’t and shouldn’t be revived. The key however is to neatly unite the benefits of online shopping – efficiency, choice, and faster access to more information – with the perks of in store shopping – trying on the clothes, getting to see the outfit without just imagining it, and the social element too. With the above bullet points, you can engage with tech savvy consumers and stay ahead of competition who think that reduced foot traffic means a permanent switch to online shopping. 

Artificial Intelligence and Physical Shopping

Prioritize Customer Experience

Implementing smart retail technologies will create that customer experience that they can’t get anywhere else, making people choose your shop over your competitions’, and in-store over online. The other side to digital solutions in retail is the mass data you can collect and use to your advantage to improve advertising and marketing endeavors, to better understand and target your customers and drive those sales. Imagine being one of the first shops to offer virtual mirrors – people would definitely get out of bed for that. 

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